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There are several causes for increasing  lengths of time to resolve Social Security disability cases. Basically, the main reasons are insufficient number of individuals employed by Security Security in various divisions to handle the tremendous workload which increases every year. In addition, there are not enough administrative law judges(ALJ) to review cases on appeal.  Currently, […]

Taking Too Many Medications Can Be Dangerous

Taking too many prescribed medications can have serious consequences to your health.  It is a well known fact that many individuals are taking more prescribed medications than ever before. Side effects from taking multiple medications are fairly common and often not considered when a patient complains of various symptoms. It is not unusual for some […]

Medical records are the key to getting Social Security Disability

Medical records of your mental or physical problems are the key to obtaining Social Security disability. It is vital that all your treating sources  especially your doctor’s medical notes concerning your case be sent to the office in your particular state that reviews your case. It may not be an easy task for various reasons. […]


Because of President Trump’s proposed federal hiring freeze, the backlog for appeals for Social Security Disability will take even longer; an average case can take more than a year. Appeal cases occur when an individual applying for disability has been intially denied. These cases are heard before an administrative law judge, called an ALJ. This […]

can I get disability for arthritis of my hands?

You can obtain Social Security Disability for arthritis involving your hands if you meet their specific requirements. Arthritis of the hands is a common condition affecting many individuals. It may be mild and not interfere with your ability to perform your work duties or may be so severe that you cannot use your hands to […]

Can I Get Social Security Disability For Chronic Severe Pain? The short answer is no.

The short answer is no. Simply stating that you cannot work due to severe pain is not enough to qualify you for getting Social Security Disability benefits. According to rules of Social Security you must have what they call a severe medically determinable impairment which may be mental or physical. This means that your medical […]


One of the most distressing situations facing Social Security applicants are the very long delays for those waiting for hearings after they were initially denied benefits. Each month the list grows. Many have died awaiting hearings. From September 2015 to September 2016 it was reported that many individuals had waited over 400 days for a […]


HOW A THOROUGH PHYSICAL EXAM SHOULD BE PERFORMED The public does not generally understand what is involved in performing a complete and thorough physical examination. It is not the purpose of this article to provide the average person with a detailed knowledge of how to perform an examination, but if it can give one some […]

What do BMI levels tell us?

BMI stands for body mass index and is a method of calculating how much you should weigh based on your height. As an example, a BMI under 18 is considered being underweight, 18 to 25 is considered normal, 25 to 30 indicates being overweight; over 30 indicates being obese and those in the range of […]

How does Social Security define disability?

Most individuals applying for Social Security disability do not understand what is basically required to obtain disability benefits. Simply stating that you cannot work due to severe back pain or I have great difficulty walking because of pain in my knees is not enough to convince those who make the decision as to whether you […]