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There are many assistive type devices on the market for those having difficulty walking, ranging from canes to walkers. This article will  zero in and explain the advantages and disadvantages of some of the  canes and walkers, including prices, on the market.

A cane is often the first device one picks for a walking aid. However, they do not give provide sufficient support for those having problems with balance or experiencing leg weakness.  The use of a walker or rollator gives better support for preventing falls. 

A rollator consists of a walker with a wheel at the bottom of each leg. There are 3 and 4 wheel types. In addition, they have seat and a basket to carry items. In general, they are easier to use than walkers since they are more stable and can be pushed rather than having to be lifted as is the case with walkers, although some walkers do have wheels.  Also, they are useful for outdoor use when the terrain is uneven. 

Important factors to consider when choosing a Rollator:

Choosing 3 or 4 wheels. 3 wheeled walkers are lighter and have a tighter turning radius, but do not have a seat, while 4 wheel models are more stable and provide a seat; Seat height in some units is something to consider since some have an adjustable seat height while others do not. Also, some types provide more seat padding and are more comfortable. Width of the rollator is important since most 4 wheeled units will not fit through a standard bathroom door. 3 wheelers can be partly collapsed to fit through tight openings.  In addition, weight should be considered if it must be lifted into a car or up stairs. 

Here is a recent summary of the top walkers sold by Amazon:

BEST OF THE BEST:  Hugo Elite Rollator walker with seat, backrest and saddle bag:


 Seat easily adjusts, folds and transports easily. Works with different body types.  THE BAD: wheels are not suited for uneven ground.

THE BOTTOM LINE: a versatile unit that is very durable and easy to manage; performance makes it the best on the market. 

BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Drive MedicaL 4 wheel rollator with fold up and removable back support. THE GOOD: platform is strong and stable with 7.5 inch wheels lock from handgrips. simple assembly. Moves well and is easy to handle. THE BAD: hard to fold and store. Best for use indoors.

THE BOTTOM LINE: A solid stable unit that is easy to work and moves well. A great value for the price. 

Amazon prices: Hugo Elite Rollator Walker: About $120.00.

Drive Medical four wheel Rollator Walker: About $75.oo.