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Improve your chances receiving Social Security disability For Multiple Sclerosis And Fatigue

Multiple sclerosis is a disease which can produce significant neurological impairments. It usually affects individuals in the twenty to forty year age range.  It is believed to be an autoimmune disorder affecting the central nervous system and can vary greatly in how it affects one’s ability to see, walk  or use one’s hands.  The basic problem appears to be a loss of a substance called Myelin which encloses and protects the nerves.

Qualifying For Disability May Depend On The Severity Of MS Symptoms

Some individuals are only affected mildly or moderately and others quite severely. Also, symptoms may be present only occasionally; for instance,  one may have what is called an exacerbation which may last several days or longer only to disappear until another exacerbation occurs. Exacerbation of symptoms is often treated with intravenous medications.  This is called relapsing, remitting MS.  Others, may have progressive symptoms which tend to worsen with time. The disease may begin in a variety of ways:  one may note difficulty seeing or problems with balance causing inability to walk normally. Pain or feelings of numbness in various parts of the body may also be present.Disability For MS, Multiple Sclerosis

Claiming Benefits For MS Fatigue

Another very important symptom in many individuals is a  sense of profound fatigue associated with any physical activity. One should stress to their doctor that due to fatigue they find it impossible to perform even the mildest of daily activities and require frequent rest periods or naps during the day.

Applying For Disability For MS

The state may require you to  have a physical examination  called a CE.  Often, because the disease is so variable, on that particular day of the exam, one may be able to walk or use one’s hands without problems. That is why your doctor’s medical record is so important; it can give his personal observations over a long period of time and show that your disease has had many exacerbations over the years with examinations showing difficulty walking and using your hands.

How Hard Is It To Get A Disability Allowance For MS?

As stated above, the issue of fatigue is very important; your doctor should document in his medical record how your daily activities are impacted by fatigue. Sometimes, an allowance for granting disability hinges on the issue of fatigue alone.