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Can I Get Disability, SSDI, For Frequent Migraine Headaches

Social security disability for migraine headachesOne can get social security benefits due to migraines regardless of age if the frequency of headaches meets the criteria set by social security.

Are Migraine Headaches Considered A Disability?

Migraine headaches are frequently associated with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound. Individuals often prefer a quiet, darkened room.  The location of headaches may vary and  include the entire head or be one sided. So called “tension headaches” which are  treated with over the counter medications are generally not considered as true migraine headaches. Generally,  your doctor will do a complete physical examination as well as order other tests such as an MRI of the brain. In most cases, no abnormalities will be found.

Disability Benefits For Migraine Headaches

The ability to receive benefits depends on the frequency of headaches, how long they last and the after affects of the headache which can be documented in the treating doctor’s notes. Also, of great importance  is how often one seeks relief by going to the emergency room.  These visits should be a part of your doctors medical file. Those reviewing your medical record at the state level will often give considerable weight in deciding whether you are granted benefits especially if you have to seek relief by visiting an emergency room on a frequent basis.

Social Security Disability Rating For Migraine Headaches

Another factor which may result in a favorable decision is a letter from your own doctor or neurologist stating how often you have migraine headaches despite treatment. For instance, it should be stated in your medical record the exact number of migraine headaches you have each week or month despite treatment. In addition it is imporant to know that, according to social security rules, your impairment must have lasted at least 12 months or can be reasonably be expected to last that long.  One can have very disabling headaches at the beginning,   but with treatment significant improvement may occur within the 12 month period.

I am a claims examiner who formerly reviewed many disability cases for social security.

If your claim has been denied you should consider seeking the services of an attorney familiar with the process of evaluating disability claims.