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Get Disability For Parkinson’s Disease And Avoid A Denial

Parkinson’s disease usually begins after age 40. It is due to changes in the brain of unknown cause resulting in slow and decreased movements,  rigidity affecting muscles, tremors and instability in standing and walking.

The tremors show what is called a “pill rolling ” tremor of the hands which is made worse by fatigue and tension. Tremors are usually worse when hands are at test and less with movement.  Tremors in other parts of the body such as in the legs may be present.

In disability for parkinsons diseaseaddition, one’s face may appear mask like without expression. When walking one may have a stoop like posture and have difficulty to begin walking; walking may consist of taking short steps and tends to be shuffling  with a tendency to be unstable, associated with possible falling.

In all those seeking disability, the doctors from the state will review your medical records including medical specialists, such as neurologists. The record will show how well treatment with medications has worked in improving symptoms involving your ability to walk and use of hands.

It is important that your doctor  state how well your tremors are controlled.. Also, your doctor should state if you require a cane for walking due to balance problems.  You also will be asked to provide information on how well you perform usual daily activities such as preparing meals, doing housework, ability to walk and if you need a cane for walking.

Despite your doctor’s medical record, the state may require you to attend a physical examination to assess your ability to stand, walk and use your hands.