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A little known fact among those applying for Social Security disability is an item called credibility which basically means are you telling the truth regarding your medical disability. It cannot be stressed strongly enough that being truthful and upfront about your medical problems is very important. Social Security considers this very important when evaluating your claim. Basically, this means that whoever from the state disability office assesses your claim,  that person will consider whether what you say about your condition is credible and believable. There is a lot of information in your medical record which the state must consider. When you apply for disability, be truthful about how much your impairment affects your ability to work and perform everyday activities. 

For instance, do your doctor’s progress notes reflect the degree of pain you claim and how it affects your ability to perform your job. Also, does he state in the record that he has prescribed any pain medications. If your difficulty involves  walking, does he remark in the record that you have considerable problems walking and do you require a cane or walker. This is important to understand because when you appear before a Social Security examiner for an interview  that person will observe how much difficulty you have in walking. The important point is your statements should be consistent with the medical evidence in your doctor’s record. Otherwise, there is an increased possibility that you will be denied benefits.