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The arm, excluding the shoulder, consists of three main bones. The humerus is the bone that forms the upper arm and joins it to the shoulder and forearm. Further down, it connects with the forearm bones called the radius and ulnar to form the elbow joint. The ulna is the long bone in the forearm. The radius is the more lateral and is found on the thumb side of the forearm and allows the hand to pivot at the wrist. Movements of these bones with attached muscles are important for the ability to write, draw and throwing objects. 

Social security has certain requirements which must be met in order to receive Social Security benefits. These requirements regarding fractures of the upper extremity are very specific.

An  important requirement  states that the fracture causing your disability must last at least 12 months.  In addition, despite continuing surgical treatment including various procedures,  the fracture has not shown healing by x-ray or what is medically called a nonunion resulting in a significant loss of  function of the arm.  Failure to restore function may include inability to raise the arm or lift no more than very light weights, write, type or grasp objects with sufficient force.