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Can I Get Social Security Disability For Arthritis In Feet

Osteoarthritis of the feet is quite common. It can cause inflammation of the toe joints often affecting the big toe. A prior history of fractures involving the foot can lead to development of arthritis.
Other factors such as being overweight, women who wear high-heeled shoes and a family history may predispose one to arthritis. Swelling and stiffness are often present. The toes play a important role in walking and balance. Examination may show swelling of the foot joints with redness and a feeling of warmth when touched. Sometimes, the swelling may make it hard to put your shoes on. 

If you are applying for social security benefits, you should state how your daily activities are affected by pain in your feet and if you tend to limp or even need a cane to walk. After you submit your application, you will be asked to submit all your medical records to the state for review. Doctors at the state agency will go over all your doctor records and  make a decision of  whether you are allowed or denied benefits. The basis of their decision is somewhat complicated;  your age and working history are considered.. In general, the most important factor is how severely limiting is your ability to stand and walk over a working day.