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It is a well known fact that many applicants are denied when initially trying to obtain Social Security Disability benefits.  If your are turned down there are steps you can take to try to reverse this decision. 

1. Write a request for a reevaluation. This must be done within 60 days of receiving your denial by letter. You should state your reason by including additional information, such as your condition is has worsened whatever the reason. An example would be my knees are very painful and walking is now more difficult or my back pain has increased. 

2. If your reconsideration is denied you can write asking for a hearing before an ALJ which stands for Administrative Law Judge within 60 days.

3. If you are turned down by the ALJ write to request a review by what is called the Appeals Council within 60 days. 

It is very important to help your case if you are represented by an attorney familiar with disability cases. He usually charges a 25% percent of the benefits if you are successful. However, no charge is made if your are denied.